If you’re looking for high quality original music then look no further. I’d love to work on your project with you. 

I provide tailored music to your projects specific requirements. I can adapt to any genre or style necessary and will work tirelessly until you are satisfied with the results.

Get in touch with me here and we can discuss your projects details and requirements.


Do you have music that requires some additional polish? I can take your music from demo to industry standard.

A good mix can make or break a track and that’s why I use classic analogue gear in combination with the very latest in digital processing to bring warmth, depth, clarity and shine to your music.

Just get in contact with me here and we can talk about your tracks goals, direction and sound.


Need the finishing touches to your song? 

Mastering helps by gluing everything together. It brings focus to the intention of the music and adds further clarity, punch, depth, tightness and excitement to your track, not to mention industry standard volume for your chosen formats.

Contact me here to talk about taking your latest track to new heights with mastering.


Composition – Prices for composition vary wildly as every project will have unique circumstances, for example hiring session musicians and recording engineers will bump the price of production up considerably.

Prices can be tailored to each unique project so it’s best to get in touch with me to discuss your projects unique needs.

Below you can find typical prices for the various track counts. However it is best to message me first for an accurate assessment of your mixes requirements.

A basic mix (1-20 tracks) – £99.

Intermediate mix (20-40 tracks) – £199

Advanced mix (40-60 tracks) – £299

Advanced Plus mix (60-100 tracks) – £449

Prices for mastering are fixed for the following.

Stereo Master: A stereo bounce of your mixed track ready for mastering. – £29.99

Stem Master: A selection of stereo bounces from your mix that you wish to be stem mastered – £59.99